Starters (Thai)

Thai Seafood Salad

Made from only the freshest squid, shrimp and fish with a playful mix of flavours from the breezy notes of cilantro, mint & the sharp accent of lime juice

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Tod Mun (Fish Cake)

Fried fish cake, special with Thai curry and kaffir lime leaves

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Thai Chin Kai Chicken

Diced chicken sauteed in dry chili, Szechwan pepper, garlic and soy sauce

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Chilli Paneer

Deep fried cubes of cottage cheese sauteed with Thai seasoning, into a tomato based sauce

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Crispy Fish

Chunks of deep sea fish fried and sauteed in diced onions, sweet peppers, and fish sauce

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Chilli Wings

Well seasoned deep fried wings sauteed with Thai chili sauce

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